Career Objective

In a organization seek challanging where my knowledge is growing up and give my best in organization.

Research Topics

This amazing Programmer, Jimish Fotariya and me, are wroking upon some algorithmic research listed down.

A Text to Text Steganography Algorithm - This algorithm will convert your plain text or message into a story or spam. Initial testing is done with training data of spams where output will be a new generated spam mail/storie which can only be decoded to plain text via signature of the set of the spam or stories.
Anonymous String matching Algorithm - This algorithm can search given substring in O(n+t) time where n is length of the string and t is a constant indicating preprocessing time. This algorithm is made by fusing RK and KMP algorithms.


Sentiment Analysis on Micro-Blogging - Normally People are sharing their feelings on Microblogs (i.e.Twitter). So, We will do sentiment analysis over Microblogs on particular topics (i.e. brands, business, etc.) using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Science.
Notes - Serving as a simple word processing program, the text option allows for as many characters as you're willing to type. Also you can edit and delete the notes.
URL Shortner - In this system user can easily short their URL and share or store it. The URL short with some hash function - 62 bit hash function is used in this system.
Farm Automation System - This is a IOT based system in each farmer or gardner can access the water motor based on live data of farm.
Security Management System - This is a web application in which the bouncers, body guard, watchman can apply for job. Also system administretor can assign the job duty to the perticular employee.
SongsBar - This is a website from the user can download the songs. In this system the songs are describe in categories.

Skills & Proficiency

Java (Hibernate & Spring MVC)

Python & Django & Flask

Node Js with Express



Javascript & jQuery